Bern was the second Nuzlocke run I worked on, pretty much right after Hale was done. It took longer to do because I tried to up the art, but in retrospect it wasn’t really necessary. Especially considering these took the same amount of time to create as my hand-drawn comics, yet didn’t quite reach the same level of quality. However, I still think I got some really good images and jokes out of this.

It’s a shame I only made it up to Chapter 11, but on the bright side, it didn’t stop on a cliffhanger. If I get the chance again, I’m definitely gonna continue Bern’s story. Especially because there were several places I wanted to take the comic, I’ve had a lot of idea for it to mull over these past few years. There were still 2 more runs that followed Platinum, and were part of the same over-arching story started in Emerald. It would really suck to never do anything with them.

I’d also like to thank UmisGuardianAngel who found page 3 after it had been missing for over a year!