So a few days ago, I tried setting up the “VOTE” function prematurely to decide the next storyline after the one I have planned after “Seeing Red” (Yeah, that might be a while…)

Anyway, I tried using a free voting site to get coding, but it was kinda blah looking, and they had an ugly and unsubtle ad for their site at the bottom of it. I mean gee, God forbid they get proper recognition for their software, but it really did look a tad tacky. With that said, I’m gonna try finding a more elegant way to add a polling option soon, but it’s not a high priority as of now due to it’s results not being relevant until much later and low traffic on the site anyway. Right now, my priorities are editing some of the cosmetic details like custom buttons for the gallery pages and still fixing up issues I detailed in my earlier entry.

With that said, thank you everyone who’s been checking out the comic so far, and I hope ya keep following! Next comic will be up in just two days.